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Gupta Plywood And Hardware is the leading supplier of hunsur Plywood in Hyderabad - hansur Plywood IS Moisture Resistant (MR) Grade Plywood, Boiling Water Resistant Plywood (B.W.R. Grade), 100% Gurjan Plywood (B.W.R. Grade), Flexible Plywood, Veneered Timber Board (Block Board) & Armor Core.

Plywood has many structural advantages.  Wood is stronger along the grain than it is across the grain.  By alternating the direction of the grain 90 degrees with each successive wood layer or ply, the strength properties are equalized.  Pound for pound, plywood has been proven to be stronger than steel.
A property of wood familiar to all is the ease with which it splits along the grain.  An example of this is the method of cutting firewood with an axe or hatchet; also, nearly everyone has seen wood split from nailing. 

*Moisture Resistant (MR) Grade Plywood Hot pressed, Synthetic resin bonded. Manufactured from select hardwood. Special high solid content resin developed in-house.

*Boiling Water Resistant Plywood (BWR Grade) Hot pressed, Synthetic resin bonded. Made of hardwood bonded with high quality specially formulated resin

*100% Gurjan Plywood (BWR Grade) Hot pressed, Synthetic resin bonded. Manufactured from selected 100% Gurjan veneer bonded with high solid content phenol formaldehyde resin

*Flexi ply Flexiply – the ideal solution for curved or rounded wood structures is high quality flexible plywood which allows the bending of plywood

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