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We offer you a versatile range of CenturyPly plywood for all your furniture needs, be it for a residential or a commercial project. Choose from our plywood to create masterful interior.CenturyPly Club Prime (Boiling Water Proof) plywood is one of the few brands made by pre-pressing, where each veneer is treated with preservatives before pressing, ensuring equal distribution of moisture and adhesive. The unique GLP (Glue Line Protection) formula is then applied, making the plywood borer and termite proof.

Product Specification

Thickness4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm
Size87 X 87 cm
Moisture Content8 - 12 %
WarrantyCost of furniture or 4 times the ply cost, whichever is lower
Preservative TreatmentTwo Tier Treatment 1. Glue Line protection (GLP) 2. Finished panels are treated with ACC (Acid Copp
Specific GravityApprox. 0.75
Plywood Type15 Ply
GSS Wet TestLess Than 1200 N
Water AbsorptionLess Than 5 %
Glue Shear StrengthLess Than 1450 N
GSS Mycological TestLess Than 1200 N
Pre pressingFlat panel/balanced surface
Minimum Order Quantity

32 Square Feet

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